Help Wanted
Town Clerk

Little Rice Town Resident needed to fill Town Clerk position through the remaining term ending April 16, 2019. This is an elected position, which runs for two year terms. This position is part-time and pays an annual salary of $ 9,613. Duties of the Little Rice Town Clerk include, but are not limited to, the following: publish and/or post notices of meetings, resolutions and other actions of the town board; attend board and budget meetings, record minutes and maintain town record books; use Quickbooks Pro to maintain financial records and report claims for approval by the town board; prepare payroll for all departments, complete monthly, quarterly and annual reports; perform all duties required to notice and conduct elections; execute conveyance of town real estate; perform duties under public records law, including fulfilling public record requests; issue licenses; participate and record proceedings of Board of Review; complete requests for title searches; hold regular town office hours. Detailed job description available upon request. Call 715-224-2591. Qualified candidates, please submit resume to: Little Rice Town Board, 3737 County Road Y, Tomahawk, WI 54487. Position open until filled.

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